Research Highlights

A new whole pod edible dual purpose pea Arka Apoorva was released at Institute level


Garden pea (Pisum sativum L. var. hortense) also called sweet pea is a choice vegetable grown for its shelled green seeds rich in protein (7.2 %).  In India, it is grown in an area of 0.35 million ha. with the production of 2.91 million metric tonnes and productivity is 8.31 t/ha. In garden peas, though whole mature fresh pods are purchased by the consumer, the fibrous pod walls are discarded and only the shelled...

Success Stories

Passion fruit beverage- A Success story


Passion Fruit is one of the most exotic of all tropical fruits because of its typical aroma and taste. The inner part of the fruit contains an aromatic mass of membranous sacs filled with orange colored pulpy liquid and up to 250 black-pitted seeds. The ripe fruit is slightly sweeter in taste but tastes very sour due to high amount of acid present in juice (more than 3.0%). The fruit contains mainly-Vitamin A: 700 IU, Vitamin C: 30.0 mg, Fiber: 6.8 g, Carbohydrates: 23.30 g, Protein: 2.2 g and Fat: 0.68 g...

Latest News

Review Meeting on 10th April, 2014


The First review meeting of the theme “Horticulture including pest and pollinators” was organized, at IIHR, Hessarghatta, Bengaluru on 10th April, 2014 which was chaired by Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar, Deputy Director General (Hort.), ICAR, New Delhi. The DDG in his opening remarks has emphasized the importance of climate change, its impact on horticultural crops and the need to focus on deliverables. The review committee comprising...