PAPAYA - Surya


  • It is the offspring of Sunrise Solo x Pink Flesh Sweet. It was selected from F14 generation. 
  • Hence, seeds can be produced by bagging the hermaphrodite flowers or by crossing the female flowers with hermaphrodite flowers.
  • The plant is gynodioecious in nature with no male plants.
  • Fruits resemble Sunrise Solo in shape. 
  • The plants are shorter compared to Solo.
  • Skin is smooth, becomes uniformly yellow in colour on ripening.
  • Fruits are medium in size of about 600 – 800 g with a small fruit cavity.
  • Pulp is about 3 – 3.5 cm thick, deep red in colour and sweet with a T.S.S. of 13.5 – 15°brix.
  • It does not have the odd flavour. 
  • Keeping quality of fruits is good. 
  • Yield per plant is approximately 55 – 65 kg (60 – 65t/acre).