Trichoderma harzianum.

Trichoderma harzianum.
Application / Use: This is a bio-pesticide useful for the management of fungal pathogens such as Fusarium species and Phytophtora species as well as nematodes.
Input Needed: Raw material: Talc Powder, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Bio agent culture Investment: 10 lakhs /unit Man power: 4/Unit Power needed: -----
Output Capacity: 5 tones per month
Specific Benefits: This is an eco-friendly component of management. It is useful for the management of nematodes and fungal pathogens
Unit Cost: Rs.150 per Kg
Description: It is a talc based formulation of bio control fungus Trichoderma harzianum . This is a bio- nematicide useful for the management of nematodes. IIHR will provide relevant data i.e toxicological data, bio-efficacy data to the entrepreneurs who are interested to mass produce these products.
Developed By: Dr. M.S. Rao, Principal Scientist
Contact Person: Director, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hessarghatta Lake, Bangalore-560 089, Tel: 080-28466420-24 (ext. 200); Fax: 080-28466291; email:
Institute: IIHR, Bangalore