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Prasannakumar, N.R

Division of Entomology & Nematology
Insect Ecology, Climate Change and Remote sensing in Entomology
MSc (Ag), PhD
Research Accomplishments: 
  • Developed spectral signatures and spectral indices for rice brown plant hopper with remote sensing techniques.
  • Assessed impact of effect of elevated CO2 on rice BPH in open top chambers (OTCs).
  • Developed pest-weather based forewarning thumb rule for rice BPH and Yellow stem borer for Mandya region, Karnataka, India.
  • Documented the wild pollinators in broccoli and studied the importance of wild pollinators in broccoli pollination and seed setting.
Important Publications: 

1. N.R. Prasannakumar, Subhash Chander and Madan pal. (2012). Assessment of impact of climate change with reference to elevated CO2 on rice brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) and crop yield. Current Science, 103 (10):1201-1205.

2. N. R. PrasannakumarSubhash ChanderR. N. Sahoo & V. K. Gupta. (2013).  Assessment of brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens Stal. damage in rice using hyperspectral remote sensing. International Journal of Pest Management. 59 (3): 180-188.

3. N. R. PrasannakumarSubhash Chander and R. N. Sahoo. (2014). Characterization of brown planthopper damage on rice crops through hyperspectral remote sensing under field conditions. Phytoparasitica. 42: 387-395.

4. K. Selvaraj, Subhash Chander and N.R. Prasannakumar. (2014). Determination of thermal constant and developmental threshold of pink borer, Sesamia inferens Walker. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, India Section B: Biological Sciences.  DOI 10.1007/s40011-014-0348-1.

5. Prasannakumar, N.R. and Subhash Chander. (2014).Weather-based brown planthopper prediction model at Mandya, Karnataka. Journal of Agrometeorology 16(1): 126-129.

6. N.R. Prasannakumar, Subhash Chander and L. Vijay Kumar. (2015). Development of weather based rice yellow stem borer prediction model for the Cauvery command rice areas, Karnataka, India. Cogent Food & Agriculture, 1: 995281 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/23311932.2014.995281

7. N.R. Prasannakumar, P.N. Krishna Moorthy and S. Saroja.(2013). Efficacy of botanicals against major insect pests of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var capitata). Pest management in Horticultural Ecosystems, 19(1):27-32.

Awards & Recognitions, Patents, Inventions, etc: 
  • Dr. S. Guruprasad Pradhan  Gold Medal for the best Ph.D Student in the discipline of Entomology in 51st Convocation held 15th Feb 2013 at IARI, New Delhi
  • IARI Senior Research Fellowship for Ph.D degree during Aug 2009-June-2012
  • American Springs and Pressings Fellowship from ASPEE during 2006-2008 for Msc (Ag)
  • Life member and Joint secretary to Association for Advancement of Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems (Journal – Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems)
Contact Details
Address for Communication: 
Scientist, Division of Entomology & Nematology, IIHR, Hessaraghatta Lake Post, Bangalore 560 089.
Email Address: 
Telephone #: 

ICAR-IIHR Organized Training Programme for Horticulture Students of Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHIATS)

ICAR-IIHR Organized Training Programme for Horticulture Students of Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHIATS)


A special training programme was organized for the students of SHIATS, Uttar Pradesh on 'Advances in Production Technology of Vegetable and Fruit Crops' at ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR-IIHR) from July 6-11, 2015. It was a unique programme, first of its kind, organized for budding students doing under graduate course in horticulture.


This programme was organized as a result of the initiative taken by students themselves by approaching ICAR-IIHR to have a special training programme. The participant-students represented different states of North India. The objective of the programme was to impart the students, knowledge and skills on advanced production technologies of vegetable and fruit crops.



The participants were imparted training on production advanced production technologies of vegetable and fruit crops, of quality vegetable seedlings under protected structures, protected cultivation of vegetable crops, production of quality planting materials of fruit crops, soil and its management aspects under protected cultivation of vegetable and fruit crops, design and fabrication of greenhouse structures/ machineries, detection and management of pesticide residues, handling, packing, storage and processing of vegetable and fruit crops under protected environment and improved production technology of tropical mushrooms. Lecture-cum-discussion, trainers-trainees interface, visit to experimental and demonstration plots, visit to commercial polyhouses, etc., were the modes employed to impart training to the participants.



The trainees were satisfied with the programme and opined that they have learnt many new scientific management practices relevant to the theme. They also informed that the knowledge, skills and motivation gained from ICAR-IIHR through the course content and  from the scientists through their guidance will help them in shaping their career in horticulture arena. Dr B Balakrishna, Mr G A Atheequlla and Dr R Venkattakumar organized this programme.